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    This is the most boring LEGO set

    This is the most boring LEGO set

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    They said it couldn’t be done in the UK!

    Caw caw motherfrakkers!

    Watching the NFL through the Xbox One with the NFL fantasy app snapped.

    Took some fiddling, but we did it.

    - Darth Sebious/ The14thCylon

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    Please. No one wants to hear about it.

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    Get ready for October! The Baltimore Orioles are your AL East Champions! 

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    When I wrote the first post on the Center for the Study of Democracy, I believed that Michael Cain was still the director. It says so online. However, I sent an email to Beth Rushing, and that was found out be false. I wrote about this in a corrected version of my first post on this tumblr:

    I previously said that Michael Cain was the director of the Center of the Study of Democracy. That is incorrect. Ken Cohen, a history teacher, is the current interim head and the school is looking for a full-time head of the Center. Here’s what Beth Rushing, the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty, told me:

    Gotta respond to this as a former student of Cohen’s [multiple times] and a future educator like him - it is an educator’s responsibility to be able to have their own views and opinions but be generally unbiased and objective, no matter what class or group they are moderating. This is because no educator wants to instill in their students any sense of extremism, or force-feed them their own ideas. It doesn’t matter if he is liberal, or conservative, or a banana. His position entails that he moderate and advise, not tell students how they should feel and think about politics. Even if many of them have similar views, political affiliation is a very personal thing. Cohen understands this, and I’m sure that that is his motive. 

    I’m probably going to be written off as “wrong” or “aggressive” for writing this, but let’s try not to slander or question a professor who wants to be involved in student political affairs but ALSO wants to give them the freedom to take the reins. 

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